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Necessities in the exhibition: seven ways to propagandize

[ 2014-08-06 ]

Necessities in the exhibition: seven ways to propagandize

    Exhibition is always one of the best ways to propagandize your products and your enterprise. Each enterprise attend a exhibition through pick one exhibition, a booth, give out their manuals to visitors, but different enterprises have different result in the same exhibition. Why? What can we do beside the products in the exhibition? So, today I will talk about seven ways to propagandize your products in the exhibition while using content from fiction novels which by a famous martial arts chivalry writer Gu Long.


Changsheng Sword--Information
Meaning: You will be undefeated with Changsheng Sword
Sword is on the first position of the weapons list, however it is not as fierce as steel sword and not as potent as gun, you will be undefeated with Changsheng Sword. No matter how many ways you use, the simple manual is the basic way to know your products for customers.
    But the manual usually has the same thing and is not convictive. You will receive all kinds of manuals of different enterprises, and you will find those sentences everywhere, such as “Our company is people oriented and our customers comes first.” “We advocate technology innovation and manage innovation for good.” “Our team members have rich experience in after sale service.” “Our products are filling at the price.” “We got a lot of good reputations in well after sale services and our customers are satisfied with us.”
     If you were the customer, would you touched by those blank and similar words? And those sentences would cover up the real advantages of the products rather than the blank meaning.
     I still remembered that in a exhibition, many people standing around a beautiful handicraft with praise, but no one places orders. After the conversation with the proprietor, I knew that the production of this beautiful handicraft is meeting extinction. But, the introduction just has “beautiful, long history, classic, high quality” without one word about the production, what a pity! If customers know the production of this handicraft is meeting extinction, definitely they would give high evaluation to it.
     As for “high quality”, we’d better use “You can use each Jiangbing Piston from desert, plateau, snowfield and even the engines in Tiananmen Square.” As for “cheap price”, we’d better use “The average price is less than the market price at 20%”. “The lowest price and get double if you paid more” in Watsons attracts a lot of customers. Maybe there is no one would notice whether it is the lowest price or not, but they would remember that things in Watsons is cheap.


Peacock Plumes—news conference of the products
Meaning: Peacock Plumes is the precious of the weapons, so gorgeous that kill you without notice.
    It is the most fatal and beautiful weapon in the story. When you are attracted by it, you have already got the fatal hurt. There is only one thing can compare with it in the exhibition—the news conference of the products.
    You will see laser, illusion-color, bright light, acoustics, pretty girls on the half high stage, no matter what will be the point. You can use this for clothing, jewelry, bags, make ups and so on. 

Jasper Knife—Media coverage
Meaning: The knife just like jasper, has gentle color. It’s priceless and kills you in illusion.
    Jasper Knife slavered by all the people, but it can be easily use by common people. It has not only great power, but also has secret. Whoever knows the secret would get a lot fortune. There is no other weapon to describe the Medias.
    There are only three days and tens of thousands people in one exhibition. It is a good chance for enterprises to brand their reputation depends on the media. Those boss may know how to develop and sale their products but don’t know how to deal with the media. If they know the rules, they would get a lot.
The basic rule to deal with the media is attracting them. The enterprise pay the money to the media is to advertise in fact. It costs a lot but get less. If the media are interesting in your products, it’s definitely a great chance for your enterprise and your products. The media are interesting new things, new products, new technology, new stander, new craftwork, and new award. If you have something new, you must say it and use words like “leading, pioneer, originate, come out” etc. Those reporters are using these words and they like comparing. If has “ The Chinese Bill Gates, Britain housekeeper with you everywhere” in your manual, you will get a lot attention form the media.
    And many media will interview several enterprises from the sponsor to accomplish their job instead of visit exhibition themselves. It is really important to have a friendly relationship with the sponsor. Besides, if you come into reporters in the exhibition, don’t be so shy and ask them yourself. You will get more chances.\


Duoqing Ring—Music
Meaning: Duoqing Ring will kill you in soft feeling.
    Duoqing Ring has no sharp knife edge and great power and it may not call a traditional weapon. But you can’t escape when you are put it, just like music. You will be attracted by the music even you haven’t see the booth yet in the exhibition.
    I have met a silk factory uses music in a wonderful way. I heard soft and charming sound of Koto in the clothing exhibition. When I came closer, I saw a lady played Koto behind bead-curtain and I can’t help immerse myself. And when I realized myself, I was already standing inside the silk booth with beautiful silks around. Without knowing anything, I have thought this silk enterprise is really good.
    You will be standing out in many booths if you choose the right stander and right music.


Leaving Hook—Special booth
Meaning: Not like bend sword and knife, it has special charm.
    Leaving Hook made of iron, it is not like knife or sword, it’s front bend as a hook. It may have strange appearance but it often surprise us, just like special booth.
    Special booth often surprise visitors by its special design.
    The sponsor often sets special booth at the center of the exhibition hall, and a good special booth would take you into a workshop of plant or a spaceship. Why so many exhibitors willing to costing so much money to set up a special booth? Cause a special booth definitely better than wonderful music and an outstanding advertising plan.


Conqueror’s Spear--advertisement
Meaning: The Conqueror, the strongest man; the spear, the origin of the weapon. And the Conqueror’s Spear, is the king of weapon and it is undefeated.
    The Gunpoint and the body of the spear are both made of clean steel, and it is the most strong weapon in the world. The advertisement of the project should like the gunpoint, not only simple, but also concise to the point.
    Simple means the advertisement should be brief and better less than one sentence. When a custom come by a booth, his eyes would only stay three seconds, and what can he see in three seconds? He can’t remember more than two sentences. Many companies say a lot of information on the wall cause they think the more the better. Actually, only one sentence is enough, you should make your point stand out and explain it face to face, in that way , customers would see the value.
    Concise to the point means power, advertisement goes straight from the shoulder. As a company’s plan, those advertisements with creation but no essence had loose charm in today’s information overload. We have to doubt the result of advertisement creation. It is time for advertisements dealing with concrete issues. We’d better use real thing than illusion and it is really important for middle and small sizes enterprises.


Meaning: Fist isn’t like knife but it is skillful.
    Fist is the most directly, effective and reliable weapon. We can use it whenever we want and it has no restriction. But we need skill, intelligent, gift and courage together when we use it. If you have nothing, you can fight with your fist. If you have anything but no tightly fist, you will loose your battle. And for enterprise, salesman is fist.
    If you meet your enemy head-on, you must need a lot courage. Positive attitude is the core matter for salesman, and almost all of salesman have this attitude. And what’s more, if you don’t have tightly fist, you will fail even you have everything.

    We have brief introduction to those seven weapons and what’s the best for you? And which weapon would bring benefit to you?
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