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Messe Perlon-- How to construct a booth

[ 2014-08-05 ]


Booth is a carrier for one company, so all companies deserve to have a better booth designs to show their power and figure. This column, Perlon shares how to construct a booth. 
1.Integrity standard
  The first stand is integrity, from shape and color to craft and style. Anyway, a good design is very clear in orders. 
2. Creative standard  
  Any arts’ purposes are creative. Creative is a main character in the new century. Designs’ creative are focused on the originality of creative ideas and arts’ figures. 
  This special image plays the most efficiency marketing and spreading purposes, which will shock, impress and stimulate all audiences and make them            remember it forever.
3.Epochal standard 
Which could also called conceptual standard. The idea of era was infiltrated every cell of art. Contemporarily, designs should contain new ideas of new comprehension, humanism, time and space, zoology, information and high technology. In specific, we should focus on those five new ideas:
A.The openness, mobility, figurability and organic of space could give people’s feeling of freedom and kindness and chance to feel, to see, to enter in, to communicate. 
B. To carry out the classic principle of items information and the exquisite requirement strictly. C.To achieve the comprehensive effect of the "interactive reverberation" of solid colored, we are carefully using the series of no-color.  
D、We try our best to use new products, new materials, new contracture, new skills and new craft in construction. We use the results of high technology positively, such as: modern photoelectric transmission technology, modern screen imaging techniques and the modern artificial intelligence technology. 
E、Attention to the use of free curve of soft material, the surface organic effect and pursuit of exhibition environment.
4、Integrity standard
Industry Standard also called functional standard, which focus on the problem of integrity in style and content. There is definitely different in design of metallurgical industry and chemical industry booths.
5、Culture standard
Designs need to have an outstanding style and taste. The culture of area and tradition should be showed naturally to present the character of transferring history.   
6、Environment standard  
Environment standard contains two meanings. For one thing, any beautiful existences were achieved in a unique environment, a good design was born in a deep research of environment, and then it can be harmony with its environment in form. For another thing, there is no good design can do harm to the environment, which means all good design will never fail to live up to the basic state policy----sustainable development. 
 In the end, a good design should insist on the integrity of content and form, the integrity of whole and part, the integrity of science and art, the integrity of inheritance and innovation. If we have to judge a design, it should be aesthetic.