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How to attract and surprise customers in exhibitions

[ 2014-08-05 ]

  There are so many exhibitions every year, and there are hundreds of booths in one exhibition. That’s why more and more companies attend exhibition to expand it’s popularity and it is very important that to choose a good exhibition and what to do in an exhibition.


The location of the booth
  It is a very important step to choose the right location in an exhibition. First of all, is the walking direction of visitors. We need to know how the visitors come and go to choose the right booth. For example, the entrance, exit, bathroom, lounge and food zone have the most people, and the columns in the hall and loading area may hinder the crowd.
  If your competitor is beside you, your have to show advantages of your products. If you need hanging sign or a cover, you need to choose a higher location to show them. Besides, collective companies or some similar companies can attend the exhibition together for expending their influence and to show their brands.
The training of the visitors
  The visitors usually concentrate more on the information of the exhibitors while ignoring the real purpose of the attend companies. You can not know customs and the marketing better when you put your manuals and gifts on the desk only. You may loose some important information for you do not have the right questioning skills. You have to get well prepared before the exhibition. One of the most important thing is you should be positive to chat with strangers and give them some manuals or gifts in order to know them better. Customers could know more details about your products from manuals. And you can also provide some videos, models, business cards with telephone number, website, fax, address or other information to publicize your products.
Creativity and decoration in the booth
Most of the exhibition would provide spotlights or some other portable lighting system on the ceiling. Form a research, the lighting may enhance your cognitive degree to 30% to 50%. And you can choose a few big pictures to show your products well, cause small or too many pictures are not easy to find the points and also limit the words function. You’d better put those pictures above your eye sights and use bright colors to distinct with the background’s color which can make your booth stands out from distance. While the attend companies choose to show their products in a traditional way, they should also fox on the design to attract customers. And also choose their products while considering the size of booth in case of excessive crowded or vacancy.
The advertise before the exhibition
The advertise plays a very important role in the exhibition, experts in the exhibition company suggest that the attend companies should give at least one advertisement in the technical magazine and send the copy to their potential customers with its details and remand them about the exhibition and send VIP card with the company’s profile. More and more exhibitions and their sponsors have those attend companies’ website and could enhance the reputation, or have a business conversation during the exhibition in advance. Attend companies could also put pictures in the exhibition and even more details about the products to increase its fame in the exhibition.