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Messe Perlon Support ENSIGN in CCT 2014

[ 2014-07-31 ]

In 3rd June, 2014 the Fifteenth International Exhibition of Russian Architectural and Engineering Machinery was held in CRUCOS, Moscow. Perlon provided a unique and amazing design for Yingxuan group, which is catering for Yingxuan Group’s culture. All exhibitors from all over the world were witnessing the shining of Yingxuan Group, for its special orange booth design. 

At the beginning, Perlon conducted a deep communicating on the booth location and direction of the exhibition. To know that Yingxuan Group is the largest Chinese exhibitor in No. 1 hall, so in design, our designer using lifting eyes to hang concise orange logo from the top of exhibition hall. When such design under the shining light, it could be easier to catch exhibitors’ attention. 

In order to give audience and exhibitors strong visual impact, we maximize the logo in the exhibition and this design idea comes from the Logo of ENSIGN

In order to provide the best service for all customers, we decided used some humanization design in this booth. So, we put a VIP meeting room and bar which could supply coffee and fruits in the booth.

At the end of this exhibition, the high-level from Yingxuan group gave a high appreciation for Perlon’s design and construction. We get customer’s recognition once again for our powerful and cost-effective service quality.