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Perlon GES system can help you construct exhibition easily.

[ 2014-07-26 ]

GES is the abbreviation for “Global Exhibition One-stop Management System”. This system was created by the engineer Mülle in 2001, which intended to solve the unity and identification problems of Global brand strategy, after the continuous improvement, it became a complete set of service system, perfecting provided strong impetus for the Global enterprise internationalization strategy.
erlon GS System can make it easier for your stand installation from the pre -exhibition until the logistic after the show, wo can provide you a full services which include:

At the beginning, we’ll have a in-depth analysis for the different industries, make the design more targeted and purposeful!


Having a detailed communication with clients from market demand to products, so we can combine the needs, market require into the design, and echo the enterprise’s culture and characteristics, thus we can give you the unique and the most creative design project!
During the progress we can provide the unique design which echo the enterprise culture and characteristic, we can give you advices and adopt the international style, to impress you, and identify your brand! We already made a unify brand image for Siemens, Basf, Lanxess and Bosch, and gain a huge success!


During the making stage, you can monitor the progress through the Internet !


During the installation, you can know the schedule through the Internet!

5.After exhibition

After the exhibition, we provide you the standard but the best service!

6.Global service

After the dismantling, we provide you the logistic service!

No matter where you are in the world, wo can get you the unprecedented service and Idea!