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Enterprise Culture

LOGO Significance

The logo of a enterprise represents the enterprise’s spirit. Perlon means “perfection” and “long”, we adopt the first 3 alphabets of these two words, which means professional, endure and believable partner. The logo is simple but it express passion using orange and express Perlon’s strong creativity as an international exhibition company.

Our Brand Proposition

  • creative and innovative, inspired by the rich source of inspiration,
  • Blend the designing idea into the enterprise’s spirit
  • Infect the company’s brand with extensive execution ability
  • we will welcome you with a new visual and standard
  • we are full of curiosity with unusual views
  • we are always promoting change so as to surpass past
  • we are full of confidence to explore new standard and new quality
  • we refuse superficial decoration and appreciate good designation.
  • we explore simpler and creative designing
  • this is Perlon’s belief
  • this is what makes us surpass constantly.
  • Designs create value

Core Value

  • Innovation—comes from constant pursuit
  • Passion—is our attitude towards each challenge
  • Quality—strict demand, never give up.
  • Service—tailored for each customer
  • Responsibility—carry out the designing picture perfectly

Core Value

Aim to provide more valuable designing and create global
image for the enterprise to increase brand influences.

We bring the first-class designing and construction standard to China, global brand will make the clients` brand more international. Not only can we provide one-stop booth designing and construction, but also we can re-definite the booth standard. We can blend our innovation into the company culture. Infect your brand and make your brand stand out so as to gain recognition.

We will design a perfect and creative an exhibition design. At the same time, Perlon will give some appropriate suggestions according to the reality and adopt the same style in the global so that it can show the exhibition correctly. This system will let exhibitors more impressed and identify the brand easily. We already have some regular clients such as Siemens, BASF, Baye, Laxness and Bosch.