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Perlon GES

GES is the short form for Global Exhibition One-stop Management System, which was put forward by an engineer whose name is Mulle from head office in 2001. The original purpose was to solve unity and identification of the enterprises` global brand strategy, and the company was formed as an integrated service system with its continuously improving. And this system motivates strong power to the internationalization of enterprises.

GES system can help you arrange your exhibition easily, from the pre-exhibition to move-out period. We provide warm and thoughtful service which can be divided into 6 parts.

①.DESIGNAt the beginning of designing, we make a deep study about exhibition, which will make the designing more pertinency and make the purpose more clearly.

②.ESTABLISHWe will communicate deeply with our customers about the request of the exhibition and the categories of the products, we will combine the customers` psychology and markets` requests with designers` mind and enterprises` culture .We will design a perfect and creative an exhibition design. At the same time, Perlon will give some appropriate suggestions according to the reality and adopt the same style from the global view so that it can show the exhibition correctly. This system will let exhibitors more impressed and identify the brand easily. We already have some clients such as Siemens, BASF, Baye, Lanxess and Bosch.

③.LOGISTICSDuring the booth construction, you can supervise the process of the booth through the Internet.

④.STORAGEWhen the workers put up the booth, you can know the process through the Internet.

⑤.GLOBAL PUBLISHINGDuring the opening period, we can provide standard and first-class service.

⑥.When you move-out, we can help you convey the exhibits.Wherever you are, we can bring you the service and concepts that you have never experienced!