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Enterprise Profile

Messe Perlon is a professional and top exhibition company, which is located in Dusseldorf. During the 40 years` development, it forms a strong global service system and become a market leader. Perlon grows with Chinese and world famous enterprises and take advantage of global resources to provide one-top services to the global clients.

Messe Perlon Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd.

With the development of global economic integration, it is important to establish brand identity and impact. We believe that the value of our brand and want to find some innovation and spirit related to the brand.We will combine the idea with the enterprises` culture and make your brand cause the resonance of the audience.

Perlon`s core concept is “More Valuable Design”, we will use our strategy to bring a new experience to our clients. We put forward a leading system “GES” in 2001, which means one-stop service management system. It can provide best designing and executive capacity and achieve the global service for our clients.

In order to provede a better service to our clients, Perlon sets up Perlon logistics in 2007 and GES system firstly in China.This system which provides one-stop service has already been used for more than 200 enterprises at home and abroad to decrease the operating costs at home.

Messe Perlon Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd.

Perlon provides same standard service for clients from exhibition, conference, activities at shopping mall, gallery and museum. We can provide services including planning, designing, constructing, transporting and storaging. The headquarter in Germany has a group of high quality staff and we have more than 50 branches in main cities such as German, Italy, France, Britain , China, USA , Brazil, India, Dubai, Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

As a professional exhibition company, Perlon has been the official constructor in Hanover Milan, Cologne, SNEC and CAS. We are members of Chinese and American Exhibition Industry .We also got the certification through the ISO9001 International Quality System.