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Messe Perlon--We should not only concentrate on the size of booth

[ 2014-08-06 ]

There are many people talking about whether go to exhibition or not, I want to share something about it:
1. It is pretty good if your company could offer the opportunity to go to the Canton Fair at home or some other professional exhibitions abroad. For one thing, you can wander abroad (even have a trip overseas) to broaden your eyes; for another, it is a good way to communicate with your clients face to face rather than code call ,e-mail, QQ etc.

2.It is also a double edged sword. If you have been to several exhibitions and your company has put tens of thousands of yuan but you have no client, maybe your boss will doubt your ability. Sometimes it’s seller’s problem for his or her unprofessional and have no capable to contact with clients. However, sometimes it’s the exhibition’s matter for it’s unprofessional customers and the place is not so good. Once I have been to a exhibition overseas and had not even one professional customer among 50 cards, even the best seller would have no idea. But our boss can only see the result.

If your boss or team leader blame you for the bad result, we can take several ways to deal with it:
a.The most important thing is to give a report for the whole exhibition and if your boss is not a bad person he will understand.
b.You can invite your boss or the leader come to the exhibition with you and they will see the reality and understand.
c.If the exhibition is bad and you have no choice, you can refuse to participate it in a good way and give it to another to wait a better chance.

3.New staffs maybe want to go to the exhibition because they thought it’s a good way to develop new clients, so did I. But latter I found it is not true for many reasons. I would rather develop clients at home. So I will consider it now if you know the exhibition well in several aspects and you will have a ideal result.

In one word, you can not loose your heart if you don’t have the resource and you can not pride if you have the resource. You have to do your best and keep calm, you will success.

If you have the chance to the exhibition, you’d better let your client see the work at the factory. I see some colleagues use video to show and I think it’s a good way. The best thing is show your client on spot.

There are so many people share the ways to judge clients. If your team judge a good client, then try to show him your factory. If the client agrees, you have to prepare the car and tell the factory and the leaders in advance. And if necessary, you have to write a e-mail or call your boss about the details about the client and let your boss be ready for that day.

For example:
I have met three Columbia clients at the Canton Fair and we have a long conversation for the first time, and form the conversation I think they are professional.
 I searched their website at night, and they are big client in deed. They have 20 histories and have the best brand in our business. And they came the next day, I tried my best and invited them to see our factory and them told me their hotel and the time.

So we arranged these:
1.Call the driver to come here form Shenzhen and he arrived at 9 p.m.
2. I check the location of the hotel and write it on the notebook just in case.
3. I sent an e-mail to my GM and tell him the details about our clients and the meeting.
4. I was thinking what to say, how to introduce our factory and lab, where to eat and many other questions. And I wrote all of them and prepared till midnight.
5. I got up at 5 o’clock a.m. cause our clients’ hotel is at the north of Guangzhou and ours’ is at the south of Guangzhou, and after breakfast we arrived at there on time.
6. We were talking about the weather, our country, South Africa and so on (later I will talk about how to chat with clients in the car).
7. I showing around the factory to our clients without a hitch, on the one hand, I was a researcher before and I stayed in the factory for three months as an inter and I am very familiar with everything. On the other hand, I prepared pretty well last night.
8. The showing at the headquarter was also smoothly, and my colleague helped me arranged the meeting in the afternoon.
9. I knew that our clients like to eat western-style food occasionally, so we had a simple lunch at U.B.C Coffee. However, when the clients asked me about how to made coffee, I didn’t know. When I come back, I know something about instant coffee and fresh coffee.
10.We had a meeting in the afternoon with my GM and the meeting was successful. We have talked about soccer and a big accident in South Africa that day. My GM was also prepared a lot from my e-mail.
11.We sent clients back around three o’clock in the afternoon.

Actually, this is the first time for me to welcome the clients, and I am a little bit nervous. So I rehearsal all the happenings in my head in case of accidents I prepared very well and this sets a good example for me.

Many people don’t know how to communicate with clients, here are my experiences:
1.For different clients from different countries is different.
a.For those clients who have time difference and were very tired, do not talk to them too much, you should tell them that you know the trip was tired and do them need a rest in the car, they will appreciate it.
b.For English people you’d better talk about the weather, for South American you’d better talk about football, for Asian people you’d better talk about the landscapes etc. for different people you’d better have different topics.

2. Do not talk about your products for the first sight. you should have a daily talk to shorten the distance between you and the clients and let the clients know you better.

2.You can introduce our country and have a simple discussion about politics center Beijing, financial center Shanghai, technology center Shenzhen, integrative center Guangzhou and give a brief introduction about Shenzhen or something else.
4. For those important buildings you should explain them. For example, every time we pass Tencent building I will introduce to our clients that Tencent develop QQ such as skype but better than skype. And every time we pass technology park I will introduce that this place just like silicon valley. And I will introduce a lot of  companies set their factories in Guangwai when we pass there and set their headquarters or research quarter in Guannei.
5. You can prepare several different CDs such as India, Europe, North America for different clients, and talk about music and movies.
6. You’d better know different kinds of restaurants and to know your clients appetite by accident, then take them to eat. You should respect their tradition.
7. You’d better know what else your clients will buy such as phone, IC card, wireless facilities, do them a favor and they will remember it.
In a word, you should do it bravely and don’t be too cold, maybe they won’t cooperate with you but it’s a good time to practice your listening. And the more you experience, the more your knowledge will have.